Friday, September 19, 2014

Eastern Sierras - Horseshoe Meadows

Friday, Sept 12th

The reason we returned for another Eastern Sierras trip (well for me it was all about Happy Hour each day) --- to do what we were unable to do last year due to gusty winds --- our piece de resistance:  Horseshoe Meadows.  We'd already done Whitney Portal and Onion Valley in previous years, and perhaps more challenging but with those rides, you don't have the daunting zigzags in your face from the start.  Like the mark of Zorro.

I suffer from vertigo.  God, I sound pitiful.  I expected to stare at The Boyfriend's ass the whole ride up but he trailed behind me in case I had a panic attack from the sheer drops showcasing Owens Valley.   It wasn't as exposed as we thought and I was okay for the most part.

Here I contemplate the meaning of life while munching on a banana.  I had a mini meltdown.  I couldn't stop to stretch (my whole body hurt ; I was not one with the bike on this ride) because of the steepness until after 10 miles or so of climbing.  The poor BF bore the brunt of my hysterical moment.  Suck it up, Mister.  Well, I apologized for my appalling behavior....

I made it to the false summit and decided I was done.  The BF, macho man that he is, continued on for the remaining few miles (not an easy feat).  He feared leaving me alone.  Sweet. Took some convincing that I'd be alrighty and no crazed person or animal would drag me into the woods never to be found again.

And then, alone, I discovered the strange objects, clearly, devices used by the aliens.... Later, The BF would try to convince me the equipment had to do with a weather station.  Yeah, sure, Mister.

Yay,  time to descend.  I was way overdressed.  It was not cold like it was when we did Whitney Portal and Onion Valley in previous years.  Not at all.  In fact, the weather conditions were ideal.  However, the road conditions sucked.  Rough like cobblestone and quite unpleasant.  Spoiled some of this magnificent climb.

One final view to show you this mountain.  In the distance, you can see the road we started on, way in the distance.  It was a challenging climb, one we conquered, well, The BF fared much better than I.  Then again, he is so manly.  But, we did it and that concludes our lovely Eastern Sierras 2014 trip.

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