Sunday, September 14, 2014

Here in Mammoth Lakes - Prologue

Saturday, Sept 6th

The Boyfriend and I arrived last night in Mammoth Lakes for the start of the annual get together with fellow cyclists from Western Wheelers and Almaden Cycle Touring Club doing The Eastern Sierras trip hosted by Dick and Donna Matthews.

We saw the devastation of last year's fire as we drove through Yosemite.  We also saw the impact of the drought with meadows that looked somber (no amber waves of grain) and lakes a bit on the shallow side.  Nature will rebound but we must do our part as well in preserving our ecosystem.

Meanwhile, seeing friends we haven't seen since last year's trip was a joy, and making new friends was nice as well.  Time to acclimate.  Mammoth Lakes is at 7800 feet above sea level and boy did I feel it.

As it turned out, our first ride (next blog entry) coincided with the High Sierra Fall Century (check out the photos and video).  We got swept up in the ride and our photos taken, thanks to Captivating Sports.

Am I bitchin' or what!  Well, I don't know.... Most of our group is retired and let me tell ya, they rock, as in, I was in the back of the pack, always trying to catch up.   Let's continue with the merry adventure, shall we....

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