Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eastern Sierras - Pine Creek

Tuesday, Sept 9th

The gang headed to Bishop for the next round of rides on our Eastern Sierras trip.  Next up, Pine Creek, with 48 miles and 3550 feet of climbing.  Guess who's here!  My ride partner, Miss P.!!

Leaving Mammoth Lakes means leaving behind a lovely resort town full of lakes but also dropping considerably in elevation (until of course one climbs).  The air is warmer and the scenery drier.

Apparently, only Miss P and I read the route sheet, different from last year's ride, and we were blessed with riding in a canyon with a river.  What a lovely surprise.

It was quiet and beautiful.  The gang truly missed out.

Miss P. later learned that this is pumice.  It was much pinker in person.  We had a blast.

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