Saturday, September 27, 2014

Time for SS&M

I haven't done Montevina or Soda Springs in quite some time nor have I ever done Montevina and Soda Springs in the same ride.  So, I jumped (well, not really) at Miss P's club ride to do both today.  I was exhausted the whole week, perhaps due to too many chocolates and not enough sex or maybe too much sex and not enough chocolates.  But, what the heck, off I went.

Ha ha ha, not quite true but we conquered both climbs.  The smells were heavenly, too.

And the views swell.  The air was a bit crisp.  A lot of traffic on Montevina due to some event in the neighborhood.  Made descending a bit tricky.  I didn't do the very last bit of Montevina.  Next time.

Nevertheless, I gave myself a gold star for effort and lots of sweating.  Good prep for the LKHC season starting next weekend.  I'm ready now....  sure.  Ha ha ha.

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