Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pescadero with Pals

Back on home turf and ready to ride in our beautiful neck of the woods.  Today's club ride leader, Miss Marcia, a grand dame, led 10 cyclists from La Honda over to Stage and Highway 1 and back down Stage over to Pescadero.

The temperature was cool but not cold and a welcome relief from the humid weather we've been having in the Bay Area.  Lovely smells everywhere, especially the Eucalyptus trees.  I should have snapped a photo of the redwoods when we climbed Pescadero Road.  A pretty contrast to our Eastern Sierras trip. 

Oh boy, a doe sprinted across Pescadero right in front of Miss P.  What a sight!

The pigs were adorable, snorting and rubbing against the fence.  If only I took a photo of their snouts.  A hoot.  Made me feel a little bit bad for loving the flavor that bacon imparts in cooking.  Oh well.  We did enjoy the artichoke and garlic bread, warm and crunchy on the stop in Pescadero.  A blissful 31 mile ride with only a tiny struggle on the exposed part of the climb going up Pescadero Road.

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