Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cayucos and Cambria

Sunday, August 23rd

Yesterday, The Boyfriend and I left Arroyo Grande after finishing the Central Coast Classique ride to go to Cambria, our next destination and the last leg of our weekend getaway.  Yay, no need to get up at the crack of dawn for Sunday's bike ride.  However:

The BF:  Time to do some climbing on Dry Creek and Santa Rosa Creek roads!
Me:  Why, why must you torture me?  Why can't we just ...
The BF:  Do not even think of trying to seduce me into staying in bed all day.
Me:  I was going to say, "Why can't we just go antiquing."
The BF:  Right, like this is something you do.  Ha ha, you make me laugh.

Last time we were here, around the time of the Amgen TOC, the weather was off, rather chilly and raining.  This time, we had super weather.  We decided to nix the fun descent of Hwy 46, well, I should say, The BF decided to make our ride harder by doing Santa Rosa Creek (in reverse, and thus, truthfully not as difficult) instead.  Above, entering Cayucos, a lovely small beach town and home to the Brown Butter Cookie Company as I learned from a billboard sign on Hwy. 1.  Not that The BF allowed me the opportunity to indulge.  We did fortify ourselves with a delicious bacon quiche at the local coffee shop, thus, preparing ourselves for the two climbs.  We're pretty sure we saw some pros cycling along Hwy 1 but not sure which team.

Me, wearing my Central Coast Classique jersey on Dry Creek somewhere.  This is an 8 mile or so climb that has a few nasty bits.  It is also exposed and not recommended in extreme heat.  Motorcyclists sped past and gave me the high five.  Yay.  Take that Mister Boyfriend.  No doubt they would have given me a brown butter cookie ....

The BF on a section of Santa Rosa Creek. 

Me on a section of Santa Rosa Creek.  I did poop out on one climb.  Omg, the flies were swarming and I sweated profusely but I won't share that "glam shot."  We managed to do 44 miles in about 4 hours and 20 minutes (my time).  In the evening, we went to a pub in Cambria and ate a fine meal of calamari and steak for my stud.  Alas, our trip came to an end.  On Monday, as we entered Gilroy around 11am,  we encountered traffic, thus leaving behind the idyllic Central Coast, and reminding me of how congested our area has become.  Oh well.  That's what vacations are for, right, to get away, and that we did.

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