Saturday, August 29, 2015

It was Steamy

Whoa, what a workout today doing Donny and Joan's club ride.  Guess who came along!   The Boyfriend, James Porter, Laurent (such a sweetie and very kind), Jim, and several other men.  All those men, let me tell you, it was steamy.

Oh alrighty, it was steamy because the weather was incredibly weird.  We were rained on, we were misted upon, the winds came and died, it was never cold and it certainly reminded me of East Coast weather.

We began the ride in Woodside. I felt the cool sensation of wetness and mugginess as we climbed Edgewood and Crestview and continued on to do Tartan Trail, Skyline and a bit of Highway 280.  I didn't have it today to climb all of Crestview but I gave it my best shot and I hung on, never being too far behind all those strong men throughout the entire ride.  Finally we made it to Sweeney Ridge and the sun came out, affording us views!  As you can see though, we had a lot of clouds, too.

You can't tell but boy did I and my bike get dirty from the rain.  I haven't been that dirty since, wait, wait for it, last weekend with The Boyfriend....

I recently did Sweeney Ridge with Miss P. and once again it was delightful.  It was new for The BF.  He enjoyed it.  Our last climb was another doozie, Bunker Hill and Polhemus before getting on the Ralston trail over to Canada Road (haven't done that one in awhile).   Doing all the climbs today was really challenging for me but worth it especially because of the company.  I feel blessed to be part of a great bike club.  But now, I think I'm going to pass out from exhaustion....

Just the Stats:

51.5 miles
4948 feet of climbing
31.5 mph on descending
10 avg mph
5 hr. 5 minutes.

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