Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Central Coast Classique

Saturday, August 22nd

In a blissful state, in a bed at the Arroyo Grande Best Western, dreaming no doubt of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and other delectable goodies of the male persuasion, I was rudely awakened at 5:30am with:

The Boyfriend:  Time to wake up!
Me:  Why.  Why must you torture me I said in my best Greta Garbo voice.
The BF:  Don't even think of trying to seduce me to remain in bed.
Me:  Don't worry about that happening Mister.  You're on my shit list.
The BF:  You're such a lovely morning person, a delight to be with.
Me:  Don't think I don't hear your sarcasm, Mister.

Alas, I rolled out of bed remembering that this Best Western had good coffee in its lobby.  In the wee early hours of the morn, still dark, we noticed other cars in the parking lot with bike racks and said hello to cyclists who were here to do the Central Coast Classique, a bike ride, new for us, that tours through San Luis Obispo County along the coast, through vineyards, horse farms, and Lopez Lake. 

We registered Friday evening and I bought the jersey.  This event raises money for law enforcement and other charities.  It is also quite small, perhaps 250 or so riders with courses that proved pleasant and scenic but not hilly or challenging (except for one short steep climb).  That was a nice change.

This was probably the sweetest send off I've encountered on a bike tour -- singing the National Anthem along with the four guards.  Justin McCarthy shot a video of the start.  I'm in a green jacket.  And we're off.

It was a fast start, at least for me, cycling at a speed of 15-18 mph until the first rest stop in Avila Beach.  It was neat to bike on a road parallel to 101 and to go through Pismo Beach as well.  If you've ever driven on 101, you'll know that you drive along a stretch of nothingness and then poof, Pismo and Avila Beaches surprise you with their beauty.  It took a long time for the sun to appear.  The BF and I stayed together for the ride, enjoying the scenery and taking in a new ride. 

Eventually we came upon Lopez Lake.  We also passed vineyard in Edna Valley, as well as the Varian Arabians on Corbett Canyon Road, a series of gentle rolling hills.  Omg, those horses were hung and that's all I'm going to say....

Lookey, it's The BF.  By this time, I had forgiven him for waking me at 5:30am in the morning ...

We opted to do the 100K not the 100 mile because both of us had been a bit under the weather.  When we returned to the start, an announcer said, "Here comes Christine who just completed the 100 miler."  I was so embarrassed.  We ate a delicious post ride meal and met a couple who moved from Chico to Paso Robles.  This tour was a lovely gentle ride, the volunteers were swell and highly recommended.  I'm glad we did it.  Time to move on to our next destination -- Cambria -- another adventure to share. 

Just the Stats:

66 miles
5 hr. 10 min
34 mph on a descent
12.8 avg mph

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