Saturday, August 8, 2015

Out With the Animals

Another club ride with Donny and Joan as our leaders for climbing Mt. Hamilton.  The ambitious ones (that would not be me) did Mt. Hamilton and continued to do the backside to the junction, returned and some even did Kincaid.  Miss P and I started at 8am.  Weather was delightful.  No photos but I saw turkeys, a dead snake, a dead squirrel, a firetruck, and two coyotes.  One coyote stood in the middle of the road and stared at me.  I wanted to take a photo but then I wondered if he was thinking that I'd make a juicy lunch for him.  Like the big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood....  No doubt I'd be a tasty treat.  I was tired today but I sauntered on, and while I did not break any records, I surprised myself by not struggling with the last bit of the climb as I usually do. 

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