Monday, August 24, 2015

Road Trip with The Boyfriend, finally

Friday, August 21st

This blog post is a prologue to a wonderful weekend.  Getting together with The Boyfriend the last several months has proved to be problematic.  So many things  have prevented us from finding time to be together.  He was meant to come with Miss P and I to Mt. Shasta but a health issue curtailed his participation. Above, a photo of the best coffee in Cambria, the Cambria Coffee Roasting Company.  Already, I jump ahead because we're not in Cambria yet.

So, finally, a long weekend in which we would do something new, the Central Coast Classique in Arroyo Grande and a stop over in Cambria for a favorite ride.  Here we are in Morro Bay area having a coffee with a sunflower.  Again, the sequence of events is out of order and as I care to unfold the story.

And here we are in Cayucos having a coffee, again, out of sequence as for how time transpired.

Returning to the beginning, we left the Bay Area to travel to Arroyo Grande, near Pismo Beach, staying at the Best Western.  No, that's not the Best Western, but, the Santa Manuela Schoolhouse.  I wish I had taken photos of the interior, unbelievable, a schoolhouse from 1901 era.  We're here in Arroyo Grande, a lovely city with an adorable downtown.  I didn't have my camera to take a photo of the swinging bridge we crossed with the roosters walking in the parking lot.  Tomorrow, we do the Central Coast Classique. I can't wait.

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Alison Chaiken said...

A very postmodern blog posting. But it would be even better if you started with the end of the Classique, or cut away to a beach scene in 2030.