Friday, August 7, 2015

Two Chicks Cruising on a Catamaran

Monday, August 3rd

Before heading home, Miss P and I decided to check out Lake Shasta Caverns

"Your Lake Shasta Caverns adventure begins with a ride across the crystal blue waters of Shasta Lake on a 65 foot catamaran. As you cross the McCloud arm of Shasta Lake, the boat captain will talk about the lake, the geography and some facts about the area. You will soon arrive on the east shore just below the limestone North Gray Rocks."  Neato peato, we're taking a cruise.  Sadly, see all the dirt, well, that should be submerged in water. Such photos should be on the front page of our newspapers, and then perhaps, we'd have a better understanding and visual representation of our drought in California.

After arriving, a bus (much like Heart Castle, if you've ever done that) took us 800 feet above the lake.  "You will be surrounded by crystal beauty 250 million years in the making! As you turn each corner, a different surprise awaits you in the form of unique and stunning calcite formations!"  You got that right.  It was spectacular.  Do a search or visit the website noted above for much more spectacular photos.

It was an experience. We saw bats, too.  Miss P. and I were pleased that we took the time to see this incredible sight.  Our tour guide was delightful. 

Again, everywhere you see dirt should be water.  We stopped at the gift shop.  I bought a rock magnet for my fridge.  A nice reminder of annother fabulous road trip with Miss P.  Time to head home.

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