Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's Hike

Saturday, August 1

Ah, what to do, what to do.  Last night, Miss P and I came up with a plan for Saturday.  We decided to tackle Heart Lake and Castle Lake in the morning and then do the McCloud River Falls trail in the afternoon, all in all, hiking 8.5 miles.  Our strategy was to beat the heat.

Goodness gracious, it was more technical that we expected.  Boy am I glad I brought along my walking poles; they were needed as we navigated a rocky terrain.  First up, after passing the stunning Castle Lake, was a hike to Lower Castle Lake.   This turned out to be sort of dud.  We scrambled through a not so clear path and our legs got a few scratches.  Miss P.'s app said our 4.5 mile climb included 1400 feet of climbing. 

We sauntered on, meeting other friendly hikers, including a wedding party.  We witnessed their ceremony.  Sweet but at the same time, a bit crazy in my book. Thanks to Miss A. for recommending that we do Heart Lake.

More of Castle Lake.  Just stunning, you know, worth the sweat and pain.  We returned to Mt. Shasta to the hippy Berryvale market and shared a turkey pesto wrap. Next up, McCloud River Falls trail.  We pack it in, knowing that we may never return and we must see and do as much as possible.

Last year, we did Burney Falls.  Nothing compares.  But, we were determined to explore the 4 mile McCloud River Falls trail.  As you can see, this is the place to beat the heat.  We regretted that we had not brought along our bathing suits.  Might I add that I enjoyed looking at the shirtless studly men with rippling abs....I have no shame admitting that I appreciate a well chiseled physique of the male persuasion.....

This hike included a lower falls, a middle falls, and an upper falls.  Here we are in the middle.  Delightful though it did not rage as loudly as Burney did last year.  We watched adventurous young men dive into the water. 

The last fall.  We were feeling the heat.  Along came a strange group of people, looking like a tribe from Peru.  They were odd enough to freak us out and boy we suddenly had energy to scuttle along.  Some female hikers came tumbling down the path and one tripped, so, I grabbed her but the sheer velocity almost took us both over a cliff.  So sorry, but, I did not intend to plummet to my death, so, I escaped that little episode.  Returning to our car, it registering 113 degrees.  It was not that hot, but, it was certainly hot.  We found ourselves covered in dust and grime, even down to our toes.  We enjoyed a nice meal at the Black Bear Diner, which by the way, was the first locale for this chain, opening its doors many years ago here in Mt. Shasta.  We accomplished a lot today, saw much, met many interesting characters.  Time to turn in for tomorrow's Mt. Shasta Century. I love our adventures.  I am blessed.

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