Tuesday, May 12, 2015

AmGen TOC Stage 3 - He Smiled at Me

We're here at Berryessa Community Center wandering around before the start of Stage 3 of the AmGen Tour of California.  Checking out bikes.  We ran into Dan C!

The Jelly Belly team!  I love them.  Guess what they gave us, yep, jelly beans.

Mr. Cavendish giving an interview.  He looked at me and smiled.  Omg, I practically fainted. The Boyfriend had to put up with me waving to everyone and probably making a fool of myself.  But, guess what, the tour cars, the firemen, the police, and other people in vehicles waved back.  I felt all girly.  I think The BF suffers a lot when with me....

And they're off.  Blink and they were gone.  Off to Livermore, Mines Road, backside of Mt. Hamilton, down Mt. Hamilton, over to scary Quimby (watch the highlights, amazing footage), eventually making their way over to Metcalf for the finish. 

The BF waiting atop Metcalf.  He figured out the route plan for us.  We parked near the Tully Library, got on the Coyote Trail and climbed Metcalf.  Ouch, haven't done it years but yay, I got up it!  And passed guys who had to stop and take a break.  We ran into Lane, Ahmed, Diane, Guy, and James P.  Yay again!

Here they come.  Omg, it was so exciting.   More to come.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Great photos as always, Christine, although I'm disappointed you didn't ride up Metcalf.