Tuesday, May 19, 2015

in Cambria

Wednesday, May 13th

The Boyfriend and I arrived in Cambria for the start of a week long bike tour.  Here I am on Moonstone Beach.  After we got settled into our hotel, we set off to do a short bike ride along Santa Rosa Creek Road.

We only did about 18 miles because it was frigging cold and I was tired.  The BF was neither tired nor cold but who cares about his feelings... it's my story and my blog.   It dawned on me that I'm probably in the worst shape I've been in years.  The BF of course turned a deaf ear to my whining.  See if he gets any tonight, if you know what I mean ....

The next day, Thursday, we set sail again, and this time, I had a wee bit more energy.  Santa Rosa Creek has a few steep bits.  Ouch, can we say ouch.  Oh, let us do say ouch again.  We got around to Hwy 46 for a fantastic descent except of course it began to rain and the wind gusted scarily.  But I was like, fuck this shit, oops, that is not very lady like, I was like, ooh, raindrops keep falling on my head la dee dah .... it was an adventure.  We did 32 miles.   We also, unfortunately, had to change our bike trip.  You see, we planned to drive over to Glendora and do Mt. Baldy with the Amgen Tour of California as we did in 2012.  It's an epic climb.  Unfortunately, it was also going to be 37 degrees at the start of the climb with snow at the top.  Well, we decided to pass and move along to Solvang.  I would like to thank The Boyfriend for his efforts in changing our itinerary. To be continued .....

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