Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bunny on my bike ride

We all know what that stuff is floating atop the river.  Yep, signs of alien algae.

Lookey, bunny on my bike ride!  Where am I?  Well, I awoke this morning to grey skies and chilly temperatures.  The thought of joining a Mt. Hamilton club ride did not appeal. 

I jumped on the hybrid bike, pedaled along the Guadalupe River trail and proceeded to the Alviso Slough trail.  The sky turned blue.  Wildflowers and wildlife were everywhere.

Sudsy.  Foamy.  Probably where the aliens rinse off.

Turkey vulture!  Hopefully he'll eat any remains of dead aliens....

The trail goes on and on in a loop, offering views of Shoreline, Dumbarton Bridge, and of course our beloved mountains in the South Bay.  I was fortunate that there was almost no wind today.

I watched this big bird glide across the water.  I wanted to join.  A fun adventure and something different.

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