Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cat Canyon aka He Makes Me Do These Long Rides

Friday, May 15th

So, here we are in lovely Buellton and Solvang.  We could be touring wineries, sipping delicious wines but noooooo, we're here to bike.  The Boyfriend is a hard taskmaster.

The key to biking in this area is to start early (9am or so) to avoid as much as possible the afternoon winds.  Here we are in Cat Canyon. 

Here I come.  Certainly, the drought has left the area a bit browner than in previous years spent here.

We know of course that this is a drill, yes, but no ordinary drill  -- it is a drill looking for alien eggs.....

Meanwhile, we managed 60 miles for today's outing, for me, doing it in 5 hr. 45 min.  Keep in mind that the road surfaces in some areas are less than desired.  In fact, somewhere, perhaps crossing a cattle guard, I chipped my front tooth.  Can we say yay, I'm on vacation ....

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