Friday, May 22, 2015

The Games We Play

Sunday, May 17th

For today's outing, The Boyfriend planned to do Figueroa Mountain in Los Padres National Forest while I went towards Santa Barbara on Hwy 246 to Armour Ranch Road (pictured above) which becomes Happy Canyon and onwards to Figueroa Mountain, with the intent of meeting him somewhere, unless of course the Aliens got me first.  

Armour Ranch Road has got to be one of my favorite roads in the whole wide world.  I mean, look at it!  Like a rollercoaster.  Last time I was out this way, I got a rear tire flat and The BF had to rescue me.  So, I was ever excited to get to do it this time.

Along the way, I met other cyclists.  And then poof, The BF appeared.  He discovered that the route he chose was closed so he backtracked and caught up to me, quite easily since I was chugging along at some pathetic speed.  I should have taken photos of the horse farms and vineyards that dot the landscape of Happy Canyon Road, but, I was too busy taking care that the kamikaze squirrels didn't thwart my ride, and well, plus, the possibility of an alien attack also kept me on alert.

The start of the climb up Figueroa Mountain, the easier side, above.  Somewhat similar to Mt. Diablo.  Beautiful.

And more of it.   I only climbed some of the mountain and then we sauntered on going to Hwy 154 into Los Olivos and doing a stretch on Ballard Canyon.  I managed 43.85 miles in 4 hr. 25 min.  And luckily, not attacked by any aliens or kamikaze squirrels.

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